• At what age can I sign up my child for private music lessons?
    While the abilities of each child are unique, most kids are ready for private instruction by the time they are 6 or 7 years old.  Come in for a free evaluation to determine if your child is ready.
  • My toddler loves music & sings all the time.  What can I do now to keep her interested & develop her skills?
    If your child is showing interest in music early on, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to get her engaged in a Kindermusik curriculum.  We will be providing detailed information about this program shortly.
  • I've always wanted to learn to play piano.  I am now retired and have free time.  Is it too late?
    It is never too late to start a new & fun adventure.  You can learn to play piano at any age.  Why not now?
  • How much time does a student need to practice at home?
    It depends on the student's goals, ability & availability of time.  Beginners generally start at 15-20 minutes a day approximately 5 days a week.
  • What lesson duration should I sign up for?
    It depends on your individual goals & availability of time & resources.  While young beginners (ages 6-9) generally start with 30-minute lessons, an intermediate student over the age of 8-9 derives a greater benefit from a longer session (45 - 60 min).  For an intermediate to advanced level & for adults, a 60-minute lesson is best.
  • Are there any competitions, recitals, concerts I can participate in?
    Certainly.  We encourage all of our students to enroll in a number of state & local competitions & recitals that include performances at local universities & concert halls including Carnegie Hall in New York City as well as international competitions in Paris & Vienna for those interested.  Please inquire within for details.
  • Do I need a piano at home to take piano lessons?
    It is preferred that you have an acoustic piano available to you for practice. However, a keyboard is an acceptable alternative for beginners. We recommend a full-sized touch-sensitive keyboard which means the hammer action is weighted & the keyboard keys respond to your touch with a softer or louder sound. Renting a piano is also a viable & a less expensive option. Lastly, you can practice on our pianos for a small rental fee when availability permits.
  • Do I need a full drum set to take drum lessons?
    No, you do not. While a full drum set will be needed for more intermediate & advanced level students, beginners can begin their studies with bell kits & practice pads, a much less costly & noisy alternative (under $50).
  • I don’t have any background in music. Can I still help my child practice?
    Absolutely! By simply monitoring your child’s practice times & encouraging them to practice their exercises, you will ensure that your child will progress. We will be happy to provide you with advice & tools to help you with your child’s home studies & talk to you about the best way to focus on areas that may need your attention.
  • Performances & competitions – are they required?
    No, we do not require participation from every student although we strongly recommend it. Performance in front of audience builds life-changing skills – it develops ability to maintain calm & focus under pressure, it teaches presentation & public speaking skills, teaches participants to manage the nerves & deliver results in a comfortable & confident manner. You can choose from a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year – from fun & friendly studio recitals to competitions at the state & regional levels.
  • I have an anxiety performing in front of others. What should I do?
    It is completely normal to be anxious before your performance & everyone who performs regularly will tell you they have some form of anxiety. Anxiety is a good thing – that means you care!!! There exists a number of ways to manage stage anxiety. We have lecture classes with Master Instructors on this topic, open to a novice performer as well as seasoned artists, where you explore various techniques used by many professionals in the industry. We also can offer you a number of opportunities to perform. The one & only way you’re going to gain comfort & confidence is by continuing to perform & applying the techniques learned to manage your anxiety.
If you have a question we haven’t answered here in FAQ, please click here to send your question via email or contact us directly at 973.551.7000. We will be happy to address your questions!