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Music education is a crucial aspect of the child's overall development. It builds character, discipline, responsibility.  It develops creative & analytical abilities, strong memorization skills, valuable training performing in front of the audience, presenting, managing time & stage anxiety. With proper instruction & encouragement, music education builds self-esteem.


to private instruction for kids is based on the child's individual abilities, needs & goals.  We provide a positive & fun environment to foster learning.  Our curriculum is based on years of experience in the industry & all students are encouraged to participate in recitals & competitions.


is among the most competitive in the area.  We teach music because we love it, not because we're trying to make a buck. Please inquire within for our current rates & discounts available.


Do you have a piano in your family room that you wish you could play?  Would you like to gather your family after dinner for a holiday sing-along?  How about a little ensemble with your child who is now taking music lessons & eager to share the fun with you?  It is never too late to start studying music, never too late to learn to play an instrument.


Whether you've never played any instrument before or possess a considerable amount of skill & proficiency, private instruction is key to personal development & improvement.  We'd like to help you get better at whatever your personal goals are.  You can bring your own repertoire or we'll develop one together based on your goals & abilities.


Whether you would like to take your lesson earlier in a day while the kids are at school or later after work, we’d like to work with you on scheduling the day & time that works best with your busy schedule. Please inquire within for our current rates & applicable discounts.

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We are currently offering the following Group Classes:


These classes are limited to 5 individuals per class.

  • Introduction to Piano
  • Introduction to Guitar
  • Introduction to Drums
  • Introduction to Voice

SOLFEGE/THEORY/MUSIC HISTORY - (45 or 60 min long depending on level) - group session according to age & level, designed to give students a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts & music history. A teacher will spend 15-20 min in class on each subject, assign/check homework, have group discussions, games, activities to listen to various pieces in class, basic dictation, etc. Offering - beginner, intermediate & advanced courses.

SMS JR. PREP. - a preparatory course for kids 4 & 5 years old designed to prepare them for private instruction. A 60 min course includes introduction to basic music notation, exercises on rhythms & time signatures, basic reading & movement games to learn about clefs, tempos & dynamics, singing exercises to develop the student’s ear. This course also offer listening activities to develop the students’ understanding of different families of instruments, composers, genres, etc. & includes instrument exploration time. The students also learn discipline & practice habits by having regular homework assignments & their first music lesson book. These are group classes limited to 5-6 kids per class that are taught in a fun & engagement atmosphere.

All the classes are be taught by our highly qualified, experienced teachers, and will be a great mix of learning and fun!

ENSEMBLES – we offer various opportunities to participate in ensembles in strings, guitar, and percussion. Students learn to play in groups and develop skills needed for small ensemble participation. Recital & competitive opportunities are available to those interested. Students will be grouped by skill level & age. Participation & enrollment is open to all students – you don’t need to be enrolled in lessons with us! Please contact us for additional detail.

CHOIR - Children will be grouped by age, and will be engaged in collaborative work with each other, learning a fun and creative approach to singing! Opportunities for recital & competitions are available. Participation & enrollment is open to all students – you don’t need to be enrolled in voice lessons with us! All groups are taught by our highly qualified & experienced instructors. Please contact us for additional detail.


Our Master classes are developed for professionals & students with intermediate to advanced abilities. You don't have to be a student registered at our studio. Master classes are open to all who are interested.

  • Managing Performance Anxiety

    This class is designed for anyone who performs on stage, in front of the audience, beginner to advanced levels, any instrument/vocals/drama are welcome. Focused on techniques developed to manage performance anxiety, this master class is a hands-on experience where students will perform a piece of their choice in class followed by a lively discussion among their peers & instructors.

  • Collaborative Piano

    This class is designed for pianists who have an interest in developing techniques for collaborating with other performers. Whether it is accompaniment to a classical violin or ensemble in a jazz band, you will learn about nuances of playing with various instruments, and acquire techniques for accompaniment to vocal & strings & brass/woodwind.

  • Italian Diction in Vocal Works

    Coming Soon.

Did You Know?

Students taking courses in music performance and music appreciation scored higher
in the SAT than students with no arts participation. Music performance students scored 53 points higher on the verbal and 39 points higher on the math. Music appreciation students scored 61 points higher on the verbal and 42 points higher on the math.
(Source: 1999 College-Bound Seniors National Report: Profile of SAT Program Test Takers, The College Entrance Examination Board, Princeton, New Jersey)