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FALL Programs 2017! Call us now for more information and to register!



Private lessons are available on the following instruments:

  • Piano
  • Percussion
  • Violin/Viola
  • Guitar
  • Cello
  • Accordion
  • Woodwinds/Brass (flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, sopilka/recorder, saxophone)
  • Voice

and in the following subjects:

  • Solfege
  • Theory
  • Composition
  • Jazz/Improvisation
  • College/Audition Prep

The first step to sign up for private lessons is to schedule an appointment for an interview. It is free, of course, and gives us a great chance to meet, discuss your goals, our approach to lessons, scheduling, tuition, etc. Please contact us via email, phones or by submitting a contact form on our website to schedule your FREE appointment today!

Junior Preparatory Class:

Scherzo Junior Prep is a small group class for students 4-5 years old who are interested in music lessons but are not yet ready for private instruction. It covers introduction to general concepts such as high/low, loud/soft, basic rhythm patterns, music notation, ear training, instrument exploration, introduction to genres, composers, etc. This is a very popular class, and we already have many graduates currently enrolled in private lessons. Students graduating from the Jr Prep have a great advantage when starting private lessons because they are already familiar with the many concepts usually covered in beginner instrument lessons & have the confidence to now focus on their form & more difficult nuances. Plus, they will already have the habit & learn the expectation of home practice.

It is an 8-week course taught by our highly trained, professional, enthusiastic music teachers (those same teachers that teach private lessons!). The class is 60 minutes each week & the curriculum for each class is clearly spelled out with in-class activities & homework assignments. Our textbook for this course is actually a beginner theory book used in private lessons! Students graduating from Jr Prep 1 will have the option to transition to private lessons (if they are ready) or go on to complete subsequent sessions of Jr Prep 2, etc.

Day/Time: Various times during week & on weekends
Lesson Length: 60 min
Class Schedule: 10 sessions
Tuition: $249

Russian Jr Prep (Подготовишка) - for native Russian speakers only:

"Подготовишка" для детей 4.5-5.5 лет. Опытные педагоги с высшим педагогическим и музыкальным образованием. Лучшие методики России, Европы и Америки. Подготовительный курс для дошкольников разработан профессорами Московской Консерватории с использованием материалов Осколовой, Солодухо, Шатковского и Гинекович. Элементы сольфеджио, теории, пения, развитие слуха, моторики, координации движений. Домашняя работа. Подготовка к занятиям на инструментах. Прививаем любовь к музыке и дисциплину.

Day/Time: Wednesday 4:45 (Morris Plains), Friday 6:30 (Summit)
Lesson Length: 60 min
Tuition: $399 (16-week fall session), $599 (24-week spring session)

We are pleased to announce the following new group classes we have forming this Fall Semester for the little ones! Each class will be a 45 minute session and 10 weeks in duration. We are holding orientation this Saturday, September, 30th, for Musical Little Tykes and Toddler Mini Prep. Please feel free to drop by and peak your little one’s curiosity as we explore into the musical field of instruments!

Grooving & Moving Tiny Tots – Participating and exploring movement concepts in musical interactions with objects and other 1.5 – 2 year olds. Your tiny tot will be able to vocally imitate and identify sounds and learn how to describe them. They will be able to learn to associate a picture with sound and sing songs with language patterns that explore speech sounds, rhythm, rhyme, and grammar. A class designed to increase your little one’s self-control, awareness, and the ability to control their own movements.

Registration fee: $25.00
Tuition: 10 weeks x $24.90/class = $249.00 x 20% discount = $199.20
Day/Time: Saturday from 9:00 – 9:45 AM

Musical Little Tykes - Child development for 2.5 – 3.5 year olds in music and education from instruments and traditional nursery rhymes. Songs and finger plays to build a strong basis of not only musical education, but areas of growth in emotional, cognitive, social, physical, and language development. They will engage in creative expression and language play in which they will express their ideas and feelings through music and movement.

Registration fee: $25.00
Tuition: 10 weeks x $24.90/class = $249.00 x 20% discount = $199.20
Day/Time: Saturday from 10:00 – 10:45 AM

Toddler Mini Prep - This class is designed for 3.5 – 4.5 year olds learning about music in which they will explore different instruments, singing exercises, listening activities, and playing musical games. They will be able to pre-read music and learn to interpret graphic notation symbols, a predecessor to learning traditional music symbols.

Registration fee: $25.00
Tuition: 10 weeks x $24.90/class = $249.00 x 20% discount = $199.20
Day/Time: Saturday from 11:00 – 11:45 AM

Thank you,

The Scherzo Team

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